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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lucy and Me

Here are a couple more questions I answered about Lucy:
Do you think she would be proud of you if she was looking down (or up) at you these days? What would most delight or impress her, and what would worry her?

My answer was this:

"Having not had any actual relationship with Lucy, it's diffcult for me to predict what she would think of me at any point in my life.  But knowing all I do about what kind of woman she was, what her values tended to be, I think she would approve of me.  More than that, I think she would love my blog!  I think she would be very appreciative and proud that she had made such an impact on a little kid who didn't see her first "I Love Lucy" until after she had passed.   And I'm sure she would be proud to have left such an amazing legacy with me.  She has been quoted in her autobiography as hoping "I Love Lucy" would never go off the air.  In the sense that I am taking that so much farther, I am sure she would be proud and happy for that.  I think her favorite part about what I do and how I think of her is that I have done my research.  I realize, unlike a lot of people, that Lucille Ball and Lucy Ricardo are not the same person.  In fact, they are incredibly different, and that was even something she stressed on occasion.  That being said, I really don't think anything I do or say about her would really worry her.  I strive to know her equally as a person and a performer, completely independent of each other, and I know that's how she wanted everyone to know her.  And I love both the person Lucille Ball and the character (which I increasingly believe is her alter-ego) Lucy Ricardo."

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